Formatting and Personalizing Challenge Descriptions

How to Use Markdown

This section will walk you through how Markdown can help you spice up your challenges by modifying the way their text looks. Here is a breakdown of the options that Markdown gives you for text editing. 

Firstly, to find a visual summary of how to use markdown, you can click on the hyperlinked text (marked in the image below) beneath the Description field. You can also always go directly to the following URL, but switch your own hub name before the


Basic text altering can go a long way to get your point across:


Headings are ideal for organizing your text in a logical way:


Quotes are a useful tool for framing your idea with context:

You can easily embed links and images using Markdown to spice up your work:

Note: The email link markdown currently does not work and we are in the process of removing it. Please use the following markdown formula instead: Send me an email at [] (


Lists are an ideal way to organize your thoughts in a way that users can easily grasp:

Congratulations! You are now a pro at using Markdown!

How To Use Merge Fields

Merge fields appear like a generic code or term but will populate with information from an advocate's profile. This allows you to easily provide personalized content to a large number of advocates. A list of possible merge fields is available through the challenge overview screen. This is also the only challenge screen where merge fields will work. You cannot use them at other points during a challenge. Merge fields can, however, be used to customize email messages sent from within Influitive.

Begin by creating a new challenge. This will be the first screen that you see:

By selecting the blue merge fields link, you will open a window that lists all possible merge fields. You can then copy a field that you'd like to use and paste it into your challenge headline or description. 

This is the merge field list:

After you choose a merge field you'd like to include in your challenge description, copy and paste it into the text you write for the challenge. 

See above for examples of how to include the merge fields in your challenge. Once you've added a challenge stage, you can press Preview to see how the challenge looks. The preview screen will populate the merge fields with information from your admin account. 

And now, customize away!

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