Challenge targeting overview


To set the visibility of your challenges to specific advocates, groups, types of advocates, etc. you can simply click on the target icon in the challenge editor (highlighted in blue below).

The targeting settings are divided into two sections - the first related to where the challenge should be displayed, and the second related to whom the challenge should be visible.

Where would you like to display this challenge?

We offer two places where your advocates can see challenges: Experiences or the general AdvocateHub (including the AdvocateHub app). If you want this challenge to be part of an Experience then choose the Experience from the dropdown menu shown. If you want the challenge to appear in the general AdvocateHub then just move past this option without selecting anything. Selecting either these options does not publish your challenge - it simply lets you choose where you want the challenge to appear once it has been published. This setting is about selecting a venue for challenge delivery, not the audience.

Who should see this challenge?

This setting is all about choosing an audience! Use this functionality to specify which advocates you want to see your challenge. You can also make a challenge available to potential advocates (nominees) who have found your AdvocateHub through Open Signup or AdvocateAnywhere. 

If a non-advocate (nominee) completes a challenge that asks them to input their contact information via AdvocateAnywhere, they will be added to your list of nominees, where you can choose to invite them into your AdvocateHub. 

Targeting Rules

The final section of the visibility settings is the Targeting Rules area. Here you can specify (with great granularity) which advocates' participation will be included and excluded. Note that these rules function in exactly the same manner as the group membership rules - save for the addition of the Individuals criteria.

The first option in the Include Advocates area is Everyone. When selected, everyone in your hub will see this challenge. This is useful for the cases when you want to include every advocate except a few people or a specific group of people. 

If you would like advocates who match specific criteria to see (or be excluded from) this challenge, choose the second radio button. You will also note the option to include (and exclude) members who meet all or any of the conditions you choose. If you have it set to all, then the advocate must fall within all targeting conditions whereas if it is set to any, then the advocate only has to to fulfill one of the multiple conditions.

Criteria for inclusion falls into these groups:

  • Individuals: Specific advocates.
  • Group: The advocate is a member of a specific group
  • Advocate Info: Criteria based on information about the advocate (e.g. Industry, Region, Title, etc.)
  • Behaviour: How the advocate behaves in your hub (e.g. Engaged, Not Engaged, completed specific challenges, etc)
  • Responses: Includes/Excludes advocates based on their response to a question. You can choose to segment an exact response or a response which contains a certain word. 

Practical Shortcuts: Publishing Options vs Challenge Targeting

On the challenge overview page, pictured below, you can choose to access these features by clicking Set Targeting. If you'd like to publish a challenge or set a date for the challenge to be published or unpublished you can select Publishing Options.

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