How to Edit an Administrator Profile

This article will walk you through how to get to an admin's profile and how to customize it. The first few steps will show you how to get to the profile and then we will show you all the customizations you can make. This article will also show you how to send a direct join code if an admin isn't receiving the invitation email.

Accessing your Administrator Profile

1. Login to your AdvocateHub as an admin using your admin credentials.

2. Head over to the  Settings > System > Admin User Management.

3. Without clicking, hover your mouse over the name of the admin you'd like to make changes to. You will see a number at the bottom left corner within the URL. That is the ID of the admin. 

4. a. Head over to the Advocates tab and include that number at the end of the URL in the address bar - ensure the number is after a forward slash.

    b. Within the URL, change the word "advocates" to "corporate" and hit enter on your keyboard.

You are now within the admin's profile where you can see all their details and edit their profile.

5. You can view the feed, challenges, rewards, groups, feedback, and email deliverability just like an advocate.

6. The Edit button contains the same layout and details as an advocate. 

Sending a direct invitation email

If your admin isn't receiving their invitation email, you can send them a direct join code to become an administrator. 

1. Following the aforementioned steps, enter the profile of the admin. 

2. Click on the Not-Joined button.

3. Select the Resend invitation code myself option

This invitation code is a direct link to signup to the program as an administrator. 

If your admin just lost their original invitation email, you can also opt to re-send the invitation email. Just select the Send a new invitation through the system option instead. You can then choose who the email will come from as well as edit the content of the email.

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