Using AdvocateAnywhere with Google Tag Manager

Use Google Tag Manager to track your AdvocateAnywhere performance by following the steps below:

1. Login to  Google Tag Manager

2. Go into your site container.

3. Create a New Tag and name it AdvocateAnywhere and select Custom HTML as the Tag Type:

4. In the HTML text area, paste in your AdvocateAnywhere code snippet:

Note: You can find your specific code snippet under Settings > Embeddables > AdvocateAnywhere

5. Check the box next to Support document.write


6. Now add a Trigger by clicking the '+' symbol at the top right of the page

7. Select the Custom Event Trigger Type

8. Name the rule GTM Dom Loaded and select Event Equals and fill in the field with gtm.dom - ensure this is all lower case

8. Save the new rule then save the new AdvocateAnywhere tag and you are all set!

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