2016/10/05 Release Notes

Note: Some content described in this release may or may not be available with your package. Please contact support or your Advocacy Coach if you’d like to learn more.


  • Benchmarking Report Preview (for customers on Army pricing and above)
  • New Messaging Beta: Send Automated Welcome Emails and Improved Formatting
  • Log Offline Acts of Advocacy
  • Choosing a Reporting Category is now required
  • Referrals 2.0 - Customize Default Emails, Highlight Personal Invitation Link, and More!

New Features/Enhancements

Benchmarking Report Preview (for customers on Army pricing and above)

Benchmarking allows you to compare your Hub's performance on key metrics vs. other Hubs.

We look at all ACTIVE Hubs for the selected time period and show you:

  • Your Hub's value on a given metric
  • The median across all active Hubs for that metric
  • Your Hub's percentile rank vs. all active Hubs

Visit the "Benchmarks" tab under Reports. Learn more  through this help article.  

If you are on the Army tier and don't see the Benchmarking tab in Reports,  please contact our support team and ask them to enable it for you.  

This is a preview of the first version, and we would love your feedback,  which you can post on this discussion.

New Messaging Beta: Send Automated Welcome Emails and Improved Formatting

For those opted into our Messaging Beta, we now allow you to set an Automated Welcome Message to New Advocates from the Primary Admin. This is a great way to inform new users of who you are and how to contact you.

The messaging beta will also now display line breaks correctly in messages.

To sign up for the Messaging Beta, please fill out this request form and someone from our Product team will help you get set up.

Log Offline Acts of Advocacy

If an advocate has done an act of advocacy for you outside the hub, we now have a way to track their activity, record it in reports, award points.   Go to the Advocates tab, and select "Log Activity" for the advocate you'd like to track.  

Then type the name of the activity and what kind of advocacy it represented (using the Reporting Category field), and it will now be captured in reports and tied to that advocate.  You can also award points at the same time if you'd like!

Choosing a Reporting Category is now required

In July we created a new field on the Add a Stage page called “Reporting Category.”

You will now need to choose the appropriate reporting category to ensure completions of that stage get correctly recorded in the "Acts of Advocacy" graph on your Influitive reports.

Once this data is piped accurately into reports, this feature will greatly help you

a) Better understand the value generated by advocates  

b) Improve your ability to report on things like “How many Online Reviews do I have this month?”

We encourage you to:

1) Watch this 3 minute video on Reporting category

2) Read this help article on Reporting Category

If you have suggestions on reporting categories we should be adding, please email our support team.

Referrals 2.0 - Customize Default Share Email

You can now customize the default email message that is used when an Advocate clicks the "email" icon to share your referral program with their friends.   Watch this video for more information on how to customize this email.  

Referrals 2.0 - Highlight Personal Share Link

To encourage advocates to refer others, we now more prominently featuring the "Personal Link" for each advocate on a referral campaign.

Referrals 2.0 - Hiding of Signup Button when the Hub has open sign up disabled

When a user who is not a member of the hub makes a Referral on a Referral 2.0 campaign, in the past there was always a "Sign up" button which implied they could also sign up for the hub.  We have now disabled that button if Open Sign up is Disabled.  It will only show  if the admin has enabled an open sign up.

Referrals 2.0 - Better Naming in Salesforce Integrations

The previous integration "Salesforce v2" is now named "Salesforce for Referrals 2.0" to better make clear this integration is specifically for our Referrals 2.0 integration.  

Within the "Salesforce for Referrals 2.0" integration, we have renamed "Push Referral App Leads" to be "Push Referrals 2.0 Leads" to make clear these leads are specifically for the Referrals 2.0 integration.  

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