How To Perk A Reward

This article will cover the two ways to award perks as rewards to advocates:

Awarding A Perk Through A Challenge

When creating or editing a reward go to the third tab on the bar - Redeeming.

From there, select Award as a Perk. This is where you configure how this perk will be given out. It also includes the option to skip criteria and just award this perk manually. 

Awarding A Perk Manually To A Specific Advocate

To award a perk to a specific advocate at any time, you can go to their profile page and select Give Perk.

A window will then appear allowing you to select the reward you would like to give as a perk and also whether you would like to send a message to the advocate too. Once you are happy with the set up, click Give Reward and voila!

The Advocate will be notified of the perk once they login to the AdvocateHub, they will also receive a notification and an email if they are not logged into the AdvocateHub within an hour of receiving the perk.

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