AdvocateAnywhere: Advanced Customization Options

There are several options available to customize how AdvocateAnywhere embeds are displayed on your page.

Embedding Challenges Inline

Embedding a challenge inline will let you embed a challenge within the flow of your website, instead of "floating" on the right hand side of the screen. 

Just add the following code wherever you want the embedded challenge to appear. It will fill the width of whatever container you put it in:

<div class="infl-embed"></div>

Displaying Specific Challenges

If you want to display a specific challenge on a page, rather than relying on the URL targeting rules, just add the following code to your page, replacing [1,2,3] with the challenge ids you want to embed:

<div type='text/javascript'>
InfluitiveEmbed.requestChallenges({challenge_ids: [1,2,3]});

"Popping Open" the AdvocateAnywhere widget

If you want to trigger the display of the embedded challenge "widget" (as if the user had clicked on it themselves), add the following code whenever you want the popup to display:

<script type='text/javascript'>
InfluitiveEmbed.requestChallenges({openWidget: true});

Note: This only works when popping up form the bottom of the page and not the side of the page which can be configured under Settings > Embeddables > AdvocateAnywhere > Widget Location

Note: This script should be placed after your initial script of <script src="https://<yourhub>" data-infl-hub="<yourhub>"></script>

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