Scheduling Rewards and Limiting Redemptions

Editing your reward publishing options allows you to schedule rewards for publishing, and to limit how many redemption's a reward can have. Here's how to go about it: 

  1. Go to ProgramsRewards page and click on a reward which you want to setup publishing options for.
  2. Click on the Publishing Options button.
  3. In this screen, you can select:
    1. How many reward redemptions can be done
    2. When the reward will be published
    3. When the reward will expire
  4. Click Save once you're happy with the setup.

If the redemption limit is reached, the reward will automatically be removed from the Rewards Catalog from the Advocates view. In the Administrator view, the rewards will be flagged with Limit Reached. To remove this flag, you can increase the limit from the Publishing Setting.


  • To clarify, the participant limit will count the amount of redemption of the reward. There is currently no way to limit the reward per user.
  • The limit counter accumulates instead of resetting when it reached the limit. For example, the limit is 20 redemption per month and the reward had 10 redemptions by then end of the month before it's unpublished. When the reward is republished, it will start counting from 10, so there are 10 spaces left. If you would like the desired number for that new month to be 20 redemptions, you would want to increase the limit to 30 instead of 40.
  • To reset the limit counter, you will need to archive the reward and re-publish it again.
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