Reward Targeting and Visibility

Targeting options in rewards allow you to choose who should and shouldn't see your reward. This is great for segmenting rewards based on status, region or other factors. As with groups and challenges, each reward has an Eligibility option, where you can limit who has access to a reward. Here's how to set it all up:

Step 1

While on your Rewards page, click on an active reward you have created on your Influitive hub. You will be directed to the page for that reward (below). Select Edit.

Step 2

From the Edit page, click on the Eligibility tab.

Step 3

On the Eligibility screen you will see the screen below, which features all of your targeting options. This is similar to targeting for Challenges. This allows you to control if a reward is available to nominees or advocates, and also to further segment based on other criteria.

The first section is for the inclusion of members. The first option in this area is Everyone. When selected, everyone in your hub will see this reward. This is useful for the cases when you want to include every advocate except a few people or a specific group of people.

If you would like advocates who match specific criteria to see this reward, add rules under the button:  Include advocates that meet all/any of the following.

The second section is for the exclusion of members. The first option in this area is No One. If you don't want to prevent anyone from seeing the reward you can leave this as is.

If you would like advocates be excluded from this reward, add rules under the button: Exclude advocates that meet all/any of the following

You will also note the option to include (and exclude) members who meet all or any of the conditions you choose from the dropdown menu.

Filter types

Below are the filters available to include or exclude your advocates with the criteria you're looking for.

1. Individuals: Specific advocates.

2. Group: The advocate is a member of a specific group

3. Advocate Info: Criteria based on information about the advocate (e.g. Industry, Region, Title, etc.)

4. Behaviour: How the advocate behaves in your hub (e.g. Engaged, Not Engaged, completed specific challenges, etc)

5. Responses: Includes/Excludes advocates based on their response to a question. You can choose to segment an exact response or a response which contains a certain word.

Once you save the page you're all set. For info on scheduling your reward and setting its redemption options, click here.

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