Rewards Template Library

Once upon a time, one of the Influitive Product Managers had a dream about providing our hub administrators with amazing reward ideas and suggestions. That dream has now become a reality, and exists in the form of the new Rewards Template Library (similar to our  Challenge Template Library).

From Admin View, you can access this feature by selecting the rewards tab, and selecting "Add a Reward". 

You should see this screen:

You can create a reward from scratch or select one of the reward templates.

How does the Rewards Template Library work?

The Rewards Template Library is seeded with reward ideas created by the Influitive team. You can browse through the Library by selecting different categories on the left hand side of the page, which will display lists of different rewards that fall under each category. 

We've crafted reward categories and ideas, and have included icons, descriptions, and suggested point values. By default, the fulfilment type is manual. Each of the rewards details can be changed by you once you select the reward. 

To use one of the displayed rewards, simply choose a reward and click "select" to the right of the reward name:

What if I don't want to use the Rewards Template Library? 

No problem! As with the Challenge Template Library, you can bypass this page and create a reward using the same functionality as before. To do this, select "Create a reward from scratch". 


Can I add my own reward templates to the Library? 

  • At this time, no you cannot. However, if you'd like this functionality, or if you'd like to see other features, please let us know!

Can I edit an existing reward template? 

  • As with the previous answer, no, you currently cannot.
Will Influitive be adding additional rewards to the Library?
  • While we do not have a set schedule for adding in new rewards, it is likely that we will do so from time to time. It's very likely that we'll make additions based on best practices or successful rewards used by our customers.
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