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About Rewards

There are many types of rewards you can offer your Advocates, so you are only limited by your imagination - think company swag, dinners, training with your team, or even donations to charities. To learn more specifically about perks, see this article.

In Admin View, click on Program in the toolbar and then Rewards from the dropdown. Once selected, you can see the Add a reward button directly below. You will then be taken to the Reward Template Library. Here you can either use an existing reward template or create a new reward from scratch. To create a new reward from scratch, click on the Create a reward from scratch link above the catalog.

Note: The "Reward Template Library" provides ideas for rewards to help kick start your creative process. They come complete with pre-filled headlines, images, and descriptions. Reward templates do not provide any out-of-the-box integrations or special functionality such as automatic fulfillment. They must be fulfilled manually by the Program Manager.

Setting up a Reward

Whether you choose a template or create a reward from scratch, you will be brought to the reward edit page. Here you can edit the three sections; fulfillment, headline, redeeming, and eligibility. If you are interested in setting up Tango Card for automated gift card fulfillment, click here.



The first tab is the  Fulfillment section. Here you can decide how the reward will be given to the individual. Your options are Manual or Tango Card.

When you click on a fulfillment option, you will be able to edit the criteria for that choice. Each one has its own criteria. For example, to set up a Tango Card, once your Tango Card account is integrated in AdvocateHub, you will see a list of possible gift cards, and you can set the value of the gift card. See this article on how to setup your Tango Card integration.

You can set rewards only to be sent once you click the reward approval button. You can turn this option on when creating or editing a reward under the  Fulfillment tab. Tick the Administrator Approval Required checkbox for every reward you want to approve manually. 


We strongly recommend requiring administrator approval for all gift card redemptions. This helps to avoid abuse of the reward system.

Additionally, whenever a user redeems a reward for the first time and did not join the Hub via Hub invitation, the reward will need administrator confirmation/approval for the first redemption (regardless if Administrator Approval Required is checked). This is a built-in fraud protection mechanism. You will only need to approve their first reward redemption, as subsequent redemption for the user will be automatically fulfilled (*if the Administrator Approval Required is not checked).


Decide what you want to Name your reward and provide a Description for the Advocate to read. The "Type" of reward will keep certain rewards in specific categories. 

You can add  Reward Types in Your Hub's Settings (Settings > Scoring & Achievements > Reward Types), where you can add an admin facing description of the reward type.

For each reward type you create, you will need to provide a name and description. Make the description as detailed as possible for future users (and your future self).

Next, you also have to assign your reward a picture to represent it to members. Click on the Choose Image to select the visual image for your reward.

Featuring the reward will keep it at the top of the rewards page, so it's the first thing that your advocates see when they click on the rewards catalog. You also have the option of including the default Reward Disclaimer, hiding the disclaimer, or using a custom disclaimer that can be configured in Settings. 



The redeeming section is how your Advocates will win the reward. The reward can be part of a catalogue, where the Advocates can spend the points they've built up. Otherwise, you can give the reward as a Perk, for completing specific challenge types. If the particular reward requires you to have customized information from your Advocate, you can add a question at the bottom of this screen or require a shipping address to redeem this reward by checking the Shipping Information box. 



You can target a reward just like targeting groups or challenges. This is a great idea for regional rewards such as gift cards which depend on the currency.

The first option in the  Include Members area is Everyone. When selected, everyone in your hub will see this challenge. This is useful for the cases when you want to include every Advocate except a few people or a specific group of people. 

If you would like advocates who match specific criteria to see (or be excluded from) this challenge, choose the second radio button. You will also note the option to include (and exclude) members who meet all or any of the conditions you choose.. 

Criteria for inclusion falls into four groups:

1.  Individuals: Specific advocates.

2.  Group: The Advocate is a member of a specific group

3.  Advocate Info: Criteria based on information about the Advocate (e.g. Industry, Region, Title, etc.)

4.  Behaviour: How the Advocate behaves in your hub (e.g. Engaged, Not Engaged, completed specific challenges, etc)

5.  Responses: Includes/Excludes advocates based on their response to a question. You can choose to segment an exact response or a response which contains a certain word. 

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