How to Configure Levels

One of the most exciting aspects of gamifying the advocate experience is having your advocates advance through the levels you’ve set up in your AdvocateHub. Advocates will look at their level as a marker of status within your organization and it can be a serious bragging right! Your levels should be configured to match the theme of your AdvocateHub. 

By default, your AdvocateHub is configured with four levels and a section called "no level". Levels are all set up on the settings page, under “Scoring and Achievement”. Click on Levels and Badges and lets get started! 

There are four levels and a section called ‘no level’ that can be uniquely configured.  To start, you’re going to want to decide how many badges an advocate will have to achieve in order to reach each level. To learn more about badges check out  this article.
You may want to make moving between levels incredibly easy to have your advocates reach that top status quickly, or you may want to make it more difficult so that the top spots are coveted and scarce. By default, your levels are named Fan, Advocate, Evangelist, and Rockstar. In the screenshot below, we've changed the names of the levels. 

In order to move to different levels, advocates are required to achieve the predetermined amount of badges. In the image above, you can see that to be moved in to the "Green" level you would need one badge from that group, such as the Blogger badge. 

To edit each level hover over the level name and select the word 'edit' which appears below.

You will then have the ability to change the name of the level, as well as the number of badges required in order to achieve that level. 

Some of our customers have decided to shy away from badges and focus more on points. To do this, create badges that are points-based such as a badge for reaching 1000 points. When an advocate gets 1000 points, they get that 'points badge' AND they get moved to the next level.

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