Contacting Tango Card

Tango Card is a third party service Influitive uses to supply gift cards. If you have any questions about adding money into your account, generating Tango Card reports, viewing your account balance, or any other account inquiry you can contact Tango Card directly to receive assistance. 

There are two options available for contacting Tango Card. You can either call them or send them a support ticket. 

Give them a call: 

Their phone number is 1-877-558-2646. 

Contact their support:

The Tango Card support center is full of great articles that should be able to answer most of your questions. Below is a guide on how to contact Tango Card support.

1. Visit

2. Click on the blue support button to the left of your screen (as shown below).

3. Type in a brief description of your question (this will search their support center for related articles).

4. Click the link "none of these are helpful - get in touch" to message support (if you couldn't find an answer to your question).

5. Submit your support ticket.

Common Questions: Click to Launch the Tango Card Support Article

The gift card was never sent?

When do I contact Influitive Support?

Our team of Support Specialists can assist you if you are having trouble with Tango Card integration, reward setup & redemption, or any Influitive Hub related experience. 

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