Public Profiles

This article will cover:

  1. What's a Public Profile?
  2. What's included in Public Profiles?
  3. How do I access an advocate's Public Profile?
  4. How do I view my own Public Profile?
  5. How can I show/hide information on my profile page?

What is a Public Profile?

A public profile is a page dedicated to each advocate in your hub.  It allows other advocates to message each other, learn more about each other,including badge info, leaderboard position, latest activity, and contact and social media information.

Public Profiles can help cultivate advocate-to-advocate connections and improve the overall sense of community and engagement in your hub.

What's included in Public Profiles?

The following information is included in your profile:

  • A Message button to directly contact the advocate.
  • Information about the advocate including:
    • Picture and Job Title/Company information
    • Contact information (if the advocate's privacy settings allow it)
    • Latest Hub activity
    • All-Time Leaderboard Position
    • Badges Earned

How do I access an advocate's Public Profile?

When you click on an advocate's profile picture, a profile card will pop up. This card can be used to view the advocate's profile or send them a direct message.

How do I view my own Public Profile?

From the advocate view, go to the right corner, click on your picture, and then select the Profile link.

How can I show/hide information on my profile page?

Advocates can choose to turn on or off the visibility their contact information in their public profile. To do so, they can go to "My Profile" in the top right and then Click the Pencil Icon. If the green eye is selected, that information will show on their public profile. By default, visibility is set to "off".


In the screenshot above, the eye icon next to the LinkedIn profile means that this advocate's LinkedIn profile is now visible to others in the hub through their public profile, as shown below.


Disabling Community in Your Hub

It should be noted that advocates can view the profile and message any other advocate in the hub. For example, if you have Employees and Customers in the same hub, customers will be able to message employees and vice versa.

If this is an issue, you can contact your coach or support to disable community features in your hub.

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