AdvocateHub App Options

There are several options that can be accessed in the AdvocateHub mobile app. This article will explain what these options are, and how to access them.

Accessing the Options

To access the settings menu of the AdvocateHub App, you must first be signed into the app, and be logged into an individual hub.

If you're logged into the App, and are seeing a list of hubs to use, tap the hub name you want to access. This will log you into the individual hub through the app.

Once you have logged into the hub, click the Menu button on the top left of the screen. 

This will open the menu with all options available in the AdvocateHub app.

Challenges: Displays the list of all challenge cards available to you.

Leaderboard: Displays the points leaderboard for the Hub.

Discussions: Displays the general Discussions page.

Referrals: Displays the default Referrals page for the Hub. 

Rewards: Displays the list of all Rewards available to you.

Messages and Support: Displays the messaging page, allow you to start or continue conversations with Administrators.

Feedback: Displays any feedback you have received as an Advocate (approval or rejection of submitted challenges, etc).

Settings: Displays your profile settings as pictured below:

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