Marketo: Pushing Leads To Salesforce via Marketo

This article will cover how to setup pushing your leads from your AdvocateHub to Salesforce via Marketo. We will touch on the data flow between the three parties and we will look at some possible benefits this setup can deliver. We will also look at the minor configuration you need to carry out in Marketo before clearing up a few questions on how and when the data transfer happens between Marketo and Salesforce.

With this setup, the leads submitted through either your trackable referral challenge (for Referrals 1.0) or through your referral campaign (for Referrals 2.0) will be pushed firstly to Marketo. At this point, there is no sync with the status of the referral in the AdvocateHub. The lead continues on to Salesforce and from here it will continue to sync with your referral submissions in the AdvocateHub and the status of the referral will be updated accordingly as the lead progresses.

If you plan on using this setup, pushing your referral leads to Marketo and then on to Salesforce, it might be handy to know how to ensure they are integrated correctly and how data is synced between the two platforms.

Some benefits of using this setup include:

  • Easily manage de-duplicated leads
  • Run leads through scoring programs in Marketo
  • Hold back leads from Salesforce until they meet a certain criteria

  • In AdvocateHub

    Firstly you want to ensure that you have your Marketo integration setup so that leads are being pushed to it. Check out the Marketo: Getting Started with Lead Push article to find out how to turn on your integration and how to start pushing leads to Marketo.

    In Marketo

    Next, you need to enable the integration between Marketo and Salesforce. 

    1. Login and navigate to the Admin section and look for the Salesforce integration:

    2. Enter the Salesforce integration Credentials. Here you should be able to enable/disable, add your credentials, and edit exactly what you would like to sync:

    In Salesforce (if using Referrals 2.0) 

    If you are using Referrals 2.0, you will need to set up Workflow Rules and Outbound Messages in Salesforce. These steps will ensure that the status of the referral will be updated in the AdvocateHub when the status of the referral is updated in Salesforce. 

    This step is not needed for Referrals 1.0.

    For full instructions on these steps, see the following instructions article:

    1. Triggering a Workflow Rule
    2. Trigger an Outbound Message for every milestone update

    Now that you have this set up, lets look at how Marketo & Salesforce work together! 

    Marketo syncs with Salesforce all day, every day. Each sync takes some time and then pauses for 5 minutes, then starts again. The very first sync can take hours because Marketo is copying the entire database from Salesforce. After that, each sync typically takes seconds or minutes and only syncs data that has changed.

    The sync between Salesforce and Marketo is bidirectional ie. if you make changes in either Salesforce or Marketo, your updates will be reflected in both systems.

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