Social Media Account Already Taken Error

Is your advocate having trouble connecting a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Disqus profile to their account? Are they seeing the account already taken error message such as the one below?

This article will help identify the cause and explain how to fix this error.

Why does this happen?

The top causes for this occurring are:

  • When your advocate has signed up to the same Influitive community OR another Influitive community with a different email address and connected their social media account to the other account. Social media accounts can only be connected to one email address across all Influitive-powered communities.
  • When your advocate has tried connecting their social media accounts via the Influitive application. If they don't already have their social media accounts connected to their profile, it will create a duplicate account in the system. The social media account will be connected to the duplicate, NOT their original profile.

How can they connect their social media account?

If your advocate already has another profile on an Influitive community, they can login to that account and remove it's social media associations. To do this, please ask them to follow the instructions in this article under  Option B: Removing Social Media Account.
If they do not have another Influitive profile, or if they have accidentally connected via Maven, you can contact Influitive Support to re-associate your social media connection for you. Contact them using the widget on your Influitive page, or by emailing

What to include in the Support e-mail:

Please provide the Support Specialist with the following information.
  • Advocate's name
  • Advocate's profile email
  • Name of the social media they are getting the error for
  • Assuming the information is available, their Facebook profile URL or the Twitter username or the LinkedIn URL
  • Other information that might be helpful: have the advocates been registered on other Influitive-powered communities in the past? Do they have multiple accounts? If so, please provide the old email address that they've used in the previous AdvocateHub.
Once support receives your email, you can expect turnaround within the week.
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