Is it possible to convert an Advocate Account to an Admin Account?

The short answer is: not really.

If you are looking to make an advocate an administrator on your hub, you can follow the instructions below. Before we proceed, there are two key points to take note of: 

  • There is no automatic way of upgrading an advocate account to an administrator account because an administrator does not have the ability to fully engage as an advocate in the hub. 
  • An email address can only be registered to one user in the hub. The same e-mail address cannot be registered to both an advocate account and an administrator account.

Below are the two methods of making an existing advocate into an administrator.

Using two accounts

The first option is to use two different accounts with  different emails. Many of our users need to access the hub as an author/admin, but also want to participate as an advocate. They typically use their personal email for their advocate account, and their work email for their author/admin account. This option is likely the best route, as it will allow you to maintain an advocate account.

Administrator accounts can complete challenges, but they have several limitations. Targeting will not affect admins, so they can see every challenge. They will also not be able to participate in the leaderboard. Using both an advocate and an administrator account will allow them to have the full advocate experience, while also maintaining an administrative role.

In order to set this option up, your advocate will need to decide which e-mail address they want to associate to their advocate account; we recommend personal e-mails for advocate accounts. Administrators cannot change an advocate's e-mail; they will need to do this on their own. For instructions on changing an e-mail,  please view this article.

Once the e-mail you want to be associated with the admin account is available to use, you can  invite that person as an administrator to your hub.

Deleting the advocate account

Another option is to delete the advocate account, and have them only use the hub as an administrator. We do not recommend this because your advocate will lose all of the data associated with their account. They will also lose the ability to participate fully in your hub and can only access the hub as an admin.

In order to delete an advocate account, you will need to submit a support ticket at Please include the advocate's name and e-mail in the message. 

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