Overview: Nominees, 'Not Joined' Advocates, and Advocates

This article will outline:

  1. The three typical types of users in Influitive: 
    1. Not Joined Advocates
    2. Joined Advocates
    3. Nominees
  2. Other options: 
    1. Open Signup

Not Joined Advocates

In the majority of cases, when importing or adding new contacts to the hub, they will begin as Not Joined Advocates. When an invitation is accepted, they are moved from the Invite list to the main Advocates Tab, as they become Joined Advocates.

Joined Advocates

Advocates are the individuals who have been invited and have signed up to an Influitive community. The invitation they use to sign up can be in the form of an Invite URL or an email sent from the Invite List within Influitive.

Check out this article to get more info about how you can invite advocates into the hub.


Nominees are members with limited access. Nominees are only used in conjunction with Open Sign-up. In these configurations, the Program Manager can limit a Nominee member's ability to see Discussions, Challenges, Referrals, and/or Once a nominee goes through the typical invite process they will be upgraded to a Joined Advocate. You can learn more about granting permissions to Nominees in the Open Sign-up section below


Nominees Not Joined Advocates Advocates
Invited? No Yes/No (Please check the Emails Tab in the user's profile) Yes
Joined? No No Yes
Access to Hub? No Yes (upon signing up) Yes

These are the normal flows for your customers as you bring them into your Influitive community. However, with Open Signup enabled, a few things change:

Open Sign-up

Enabling Open Sign-up allows anyone to visit and sign up to your community, with or without an invitation by entering the Influitive community URL. In the Open Sign Up Settings (Admin Name Dropdown > Settings > System > Login / Security), you can configure whether these new users to become nominees or advocates. Visit this article for more details - Enabling Open Sign Up.

For Open Sign Up, you may want to configure the experience for nominees. As a general rule, you can toggle the Challenges, Rewards, and Discussions tabs to be visible or not to nominees. This can be configured in New Member Permissions (Settings > System > New Member Permissions). More information on New Member Permissions settings. Then, in each of the main hub areas, you can choose to target specific challenges, rewards, and discussions forums to nominees.

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