FAQ about AdvocateHub App (Mobile app)

What is AdvocateHub App?

AdvocateHub (previously called Maven) is an intuitive app for iOS and Android devices that lets advocates write reviews, provide testimonials, and participate in a wide range of campaigns from anywhere. Now Influitive customers can invite their advocates to participate in promotional opportunities while away from their desktop and also track the business impact of their actions. 

How can my advocates download the app?

Advocates can download AdvocateHub App from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices. Ask your advocates to download the app by issuing a challenge in your AdvocateHub. Check out how to Download AdvocateHub App.

Will my AdvocateHub appear in AdvocateHub App automatically?

Yes, all AdvocateHubs that the user is a join member of will appear in the list of Companies in theAdvocateHub App.

Will Challenges reflect the Group settings?

Yes, AdvocateHub App respects all group and segmentation settings. Therefore only people in certain groups will see the challenges that you posted for them on AdvocateHub App. This is based on the rules you have defined in the AdvocateHub.

Will all Challenges appear in AdvocateHub App? Which will not appear and why?

Most challenges will appear on AdvocateHub App automatically. You do not have to do anything special in order to make a challenge appear in AdvocateHub App. 

Note: The "Upload an image" stage is not supported in AdvocateHub App for Android v. 4.4.

Will I have a report that tells me what was done on AdvocateHub Mobile App vs the web-based AdvocateHub?

You can add a filter called "challenge platform" to your reports. This will show which platform (AdvocateHub Mobile App or Web-based AdvocateHub) a challenge was completed on. 

Can I customize the appearance of our AdvocateHub on the App?

Your AdvocateHub's background colour on the AdvocateHub Mobile App will be the same as the colour scheme selected for your non-mobile AdvocateHub. If you change the colour scheme in the AdvocateHub, this change will be reflected in the AdvocateHub App. 

Can I send push notifications to my advocates on AdvocateHub App?

We currently support two types of push notifications on AdvocateHub App: Challenge Notifications and Weekly Digests.

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