Salesforce: Viewing Advocacy Information In Salesforce

After installing Influitive's AppExchange Package and integrating your AdvocateHub with your Salesforce instance, there are several places within Salesforce where you can view information about advocacy. This article will take you through each of these places. Each of these are visible on a custom object that accompanies our AppExchange Package. If you think something is missing in your Salesforce, check with your Salesforce Admin to ensure that all of the custom objects or fields have been added to your Salesforce layouts as desired.

On The Contact Record

On the contact record, you can see information about whether your contact is an advocate, and if so, what kind of advocacy they're doing.

Near the top of their contact page, you will see a VisualForce page that shows a snapshot of the advocate's profile in your AdvocateHub.

If the contact is not an advocate, you won't see this profile snapshot. Instead, you'll see a button prompting you to nominate that contact to become an advocate.


On their Contact Record, you'll also see a list of all completed activities in the AdvocateHub. These are under the section called AdvocacyActivities:

In the AdvocateHub, advocates are presented with "challenges", some of which have multiple stage. The AdvocacyActivities object shows which challenges an advocate has completed. If an advocate is midway through a multi-stage challenge (for example, a reference challenge) then the "status" will tell you which stage they're currently on.

Advocacy Details

The Contact Record also contains a section called "Advocacy Details". This section shows the date that an advocate joined the AdvocateHub. If they were invited to the AdvocateHub through Salesforce, the date of that event will also appear in this section:

On the Lead

On the lead layout, you can see any relevant advocacy information under a section called Lead Source Information. This includes the Lead Source, which you can customize for each of your referral challenges. If the lead has come from Influitive, and if the referring advocate is a contact in Salesforce, their name will appear under Influitive Referral Source, and you can click on the contact's name to access their contact record. If the referring advocate is not a contact in Salesforce, their name will only appear under the field Referral Source (text). If your referral challenge contains a field asking the referring advocate for additional notes, anything written there will appear beside Referral Notes.

On the Opportunity

On the opportunity, there are two places where you can see relevant advocacy. In the AdvocacyActivities object, you will see details on any ongoing reference challenges related to this opportunity. In this section, you also have the option to request a reference, thus creating a new reference challenge for a given advocate. 

On the Account

On the account page, you can view the source of the account by adding a custom field to your layout called "Influitive Referral Source". You can map "Influitive Referral Source" from the lead over onto the account. This is something Salesforce admin can help you with. When the mapping is complete, it will surface the name of the advocate who referred the account if that advocate is also a contact in Salesforce. 

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