Salesforce: Required Permissions

To ensure the AdvocateHub can communicate with Salesforce seamlessly, there are some permissions which must be set. The account which must have these permissions is the one which is logged into your AdvocateHub. 

Below are the basic fields and their required access levels. If you are mapping additional fields, the Salesforce user must also have  Read and/or Write and or/ Modify access (depending on the purpose of the field) to those.

* Fields marked with the asterisk (*) come from the AdvocateHub AppExchange package


The Salesforce account must have  Write and Read access to the fields below:

  • LeadID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Influitive Referral Source *
  • Title
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Referral ID (appexchange) *
  • Any additional fields you may want to add to the referral form


  • Any Field you may wish to synchronize to Influitive for segmentation purposes (Read Access)
  • Date Joined the AdvocateHub * (Write/Read Access)
  • Date Added to the AdvocateHub * (Write/Read Access)


  • Any field you wish to synchronize with Influitive for segmentation purposes (Read Access)


AdvocateHub Requires  Read access to the following fields to track referral lead progress.

  • OpportunityID
  • Opportunity Name 
  • Account Name 

Advocacy Insights

This is an object we create through the AppExchange package, and we require write / modify access to all the fields in this custom object.

Minimum Salesforce Profile Permissions needed

Profiles permissions needed for Influitive Acts of Advocacy and Contact Converted Details / Nominate button use as well as the authenticated Influitive-Salesforce user:

  • Administrative permissions: API enabled
  • Standard Object - Account: Read, Edit, View All
  • Standard Object - Contacts: Read, Edit, View All
  • Custom Object - Influitive Acts of Advocacy - Read, Create, Edit, View All
  • Custom Object - Hub Mappings - Read, Create, Edit, Delete
  • Custom Object - Settings Store - Read, Create, Edit, Delete
Account field level: Account Name - Read access. Used to connect Salesforce Account Name and ID to Hub member's field in the Hub
Contact field level:
  • Date Added to AdvocateHub - Read and Edit. Used to update Salesforce record when Hub members are added in the Hub.
  • Date Joined AdvocateHub - Read and Edit. Used to update Salesforce record when Hub members joined the Hub.
  • Email - Read. Used to lookup and connect Hub members profiles with their Salesforce record.
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