The Advocate Homepage

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your AdvocateHub means always knowing what your advocate's are seeing when they log in to your hub. You can view this by switching from Admin View to Advocate View when you log in, but what does everything on the homepage mean? This article breaks down the advocate homepage and gives you insight into each section.

The Toolbar

Just like the Admin view, your advocates see a toolbar at the top of the hub. This toolbar may vary slightly based on how you have configured your hub, but, generally, this is what you will see:

Challenges: This is the default page where your advocates will land whenever they login. It will list all available challenges for your advocate. They can sort through the challenges using the challenge types you've configured when setting up the challenges. Advocates can also view challenges they have completed, as well as any they have dismissed.

Discussions:This is a place where interactions between your advocates can happen. Both you and your advocates can share interesting articles and ideas with one another.

Referrals:This is a one-stop page that aims to drive referrals for your organization. The entire experience centers around optimizing for the best experience from advocates submitting prospects from your target market to allowing advocates to monitor the progress of all their submissions.

Rewards: Your public rewards catalogue is available by selecting Rewards on the menu bar.

Current Points:Advocates can keep track of their current points, which are available for redemption in the rewards catalogue.

Help: The question mark icon opens a pop-up which allows the advocate to send a message to the administrators of the program, in case they need any help or have any questions.

In-App Chat: The envelope icon is where advocate communication takes place. Please see this article on advocate communication to fully understand it's capabilities. Advocates can directly communicate with both other advocates and administrators in this section.

Advocate Notifications: The bell icon provides the advocate with a quick feed of recently completed activities such as challenge completion, challenge feedback, and perks.

Profile:Under the advocates' profile photo, they can navigate to their profile to update their profile details and track their activities. They will see a feed that shows them all their recent activity, how long they've been a member, what level they are on, and their points and badges. They also have the ability to add their social media accounts here, as well as change their email notification preferences.

They can also enter the Feedback section where any challenge feedback that you have provided to an advocate appears.

For more information on the Admin toolbar, see the article Welcome to the Toolbar.

Breaking down the Challenges

Below the toolbar, the body of the Challenges page displays challenges that you have setup for your advocates and they are presented in the form of Challenge Cards.

There are 4 default filters that are available: Available, Waiting, Later, and Completed.

Available: Includes all the challenges that an advocate has yet to start. These are sorted by featured challenges appearing first, and then by creation date, newest to oldest. Featured rotates through challenges you have marked off as Featured. The rotation through featured challenges accommodates the most recently modified featured challenges first.

Waiting: Includes any challenges that the advocates are in the process of completing, depending on approval from the administrator.

Later: Includes challenges that the advocate had dismissed from the Available tab to be completed later.

Completed: Includes all the challenges fully completed by the advocate.

Profile Completion Meter

In the left-hand bar, advocates see a meter encouraging them to complete their profiles by filling in their social media information and uploading a picture, company name, and title. This helps you gather information about your advocates, while making it easier for your advocates to complete challenges.

Achievements: Badges and Levels

Advocates can see their badges and levels on the left hand side of their homepage.

Level up by unlocking X more badges: This informs advocates how far/close they are from reaching the next level in your hub. We also suggest 5 badges that the advocate can attempt to achieve in order to "level up". Clicking on hovering over the badges will show the advocate what activities they need to complete to achieve that badge.

To see a list of levels available to them, advocates can click on this link and see the next steps required to Level Up.

Each unearned badge will also tell the advocate what they need to do in order to get the badge in they hover over it.

Wish List

Advocates can add certain rewards to their Wish List by starring a reward from the Rewards section. To learn more about how Advocates can create Wish Lists and how you can track this information, head over to the Advocate Goals article.

The Leaderboard

Advocates can see how they 'stack-up' against other advocates in your hub on the leaderboard. The "My Leaderboard" tab will show advocates the five advocates listed above them, and the four below. The "Top Ten" tab will show the advocate the top ten advocates in the entire Hub.

You can also set up private leaderboards for unique groups of advocates, such as employees and customers. For more information on private leaderboards, click here.

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