Marketo: Invitation Email Prerequisites

Interested in using Marketo to send your AdvocateHub's invitations? There are a couple steps necessary to get started. All these prerequisites are created and managed from the Marketo web application. Let's go through the steps required to set them up.

Create a new Smart Campaign

1. Either create or choose an existing  Campaign Folder under Marketing Activities

2. Within that Campaign Folder, create a New Program

3. Right-click on the Program name and and select  New Smart Campaign

Add a Trigger to the Smart Campaign

  1. With the Campaign selected navigate over to Smart List
  2. Search for Campaign is Requested in the right-hand menuDrag it over to the left.
  3. In the trigger, select is and Web Service API.

Adding a Token

1. Right-click on the Program, then select View My Tokens

2. Drag and configure a Text token from the list in the right and name it join_link. This name title is case-sensitive, so please write the name exactly as it is written here. For the value, enter Then hit Save.

Create a new Email

1. Right-click on the Program again, this time selecting New Local Asset

2. Choose Email from the given options

 3. After adding in all the required details, you can find the new Email asset created inside your program

4. Edit the email draft to contain the  my.join_link token. We recommend editing the HTML version of the draft in HTML mode directly

5. A very important step is to  Approve the new email, before jumping to the next step and using it to create an Email Flow Action. Do this by right-clicking on the mail and clicking Approve

Create the Email Flow action on the Campaign

1. From the Campaign, select  Flow

2. Select the email created in the previous step.

Activate the new Campaign

1. As a final step, the Campaign needs to be activated by going to the Schedule tab and clicking Activate

2. Once this is done, everything is wired up and ready to go!

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