Setting Up Your Tango Card Integration

Tango Card is an integration available for your Redemption Fulfillment options. 

Enabling Your Tango Card Integration

You can setup Tango Card on your Influitive Hub and offer a wide variety of gift card rewards. This article will take you through installing Tango Card, creating a Tango Card account setting up auto fulfillment.

Installing the Tango Card integration

Before we start, you must integrate Tango Card into your account. This can be done with just a few clicks!

1. Click the Admin Dropdown

2. Select Integrations

3. Find the Tango Card Integration card, and click Manage

4. Click Enable Integration

5. From here, you'll need to create a Tango Card account by going into the Setup tab

6. Enter your Email Address and click Save.

Congratulations! You've just created a new Tango Card account. Once it's active, you'll see the following confirmation message.

Enable Tango Card gift cards

In order to turn on Tango Card rewards, the Reward Redemptions action items needs to be set to On. This will allow you to use Tango Card gift cards when setting up your rewards.

Register Your Credit Card

It will take up to 72 hours to verify your card before you are able to use it to add funds. If you need to expedite this process, you can contact or (877) 558-2646.

Once the integration has been enabled, you will need to register your credit card in the funding panel under the Settings Tab and click the grey area line Enable Reward Redemptions to open the dropdown menu:

Enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields:

  • Credit Card Number: This is the 16 digit number on the front of your credit card
  • Security Code: Refers to the 3 digit number on the back of your credit card, which is also referred to as the CVV. For AMEX holders, this is a 4 digit number on the front of your credit card.
  • Expiration: Date that the card expires. Please enter in the following format: YYYY-MM.
  • First Name: First name of credit card holder
  • Last Name: Last name of the credit card holder
  • Address: street and unit information on the billing address
  • City: City on the billing address
  • State/Province: State or province on the billing address
  • Zip/Postal Code: Zip code or postal code on the billing address
  • Country: Country on the billing address

Don't forget to click the Save button!

Funding Your Tango Card Account in the Hub

To protect against fraud, Tango Card limits the amount you can fund your account per transaction and limits the number of transactions per day. Get in touch with for assistance regarding these limits. There is also a limit of $5,000 per transaction allowed when funding your Tango Card.

Once your credit card has been registered after the 72 hour wait period, you can top up your balance from inside the hub by returning to the funding panel under the Settings Tab and click the grey area line Enable Reward Redemptions to open the dropdown menu.

Please note that there is a 3.5% fee charged by Tango Card for funding via credit card. For alternative methods of payment, please contact

Enter the payment details:

  • Amount: this is the dollar amount you want to add to your balance
  • Security Code: this is the same security code you entered when registering the card, i.e. the CVV
  • From here, you can click on Add Funds to complete the process.

    In a few moments, your funds should appear in your balance.

    Note: If your card has not been registered yet, then the balance will only appear after the 24 hour period has passed.

    Funding your Account over the Phone or by Wire Transfer

    If you opt to fund your account over the phone or by wire transfer, you must contact Tango Card directly.

    If you click on How do I add funds manually? link depicted below, you will be directed to the Tango Card site and the different options available to you.

    Please make sure that you've added funds to the correct account using your account identifier information found above the Settings.

    Changing Your Credit Card

    If you already have a credit card registered but you need to change it, simply click on the Change Credit Card button and fill out your new credit card details in the form that appears.

    International Cards additional fees

    Please note that there are additional service fees charge for the following list of International Cards:

    Brand Name Reward Name Reward Fee Details
    Cold Storage Cold Storage Gift Card +5% markup of face value
    Coppel Dinero Electrónico Coppel 3% markup of face value
    Dairy Farm Group Dairy Farm Group Gift Card +5% markup of face value
    Decathlon France E-Carte Cadeau 4% of face value for each card
    Recargas Móviles Recargas Móviles 3% markup of face value
    Giant Giant Gift Card +5% markup of face value
    Krispy Kreme® Philippines Krispy Kreme® Philippines eGift +5% of face value
    Landmark Landmark eGift +15% of face value
    Max's Max's Restaurant eGift +5% of face value
    Planet Sports Planet Sports eGift +5% of face value
    UnionPay UnionPay Virtual Prepaid Card +5% of face value
    Visa® INR Prepaid Visa® Reward 300 INR per card
    Robinsons Robinsons eGift +15% of face value
    SM Gift Pass SM Gift Pass eGift +15% of face value
    Spotify France Spotify France Carte Cadeau 4% of face value for each card
    The Bistro Group The Bistro Group eGift +5% of face value
    Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant eGift +5% of face value

    Important Reminders

    • Once a credit card has been registered, the card number and name of the cardholder will not be displayed in the hub for security reasons.
    • Funding receipts are automatically sent by Tango Card to the email address that was used to enable the integration, so make sure to enable the integration from the right administrator account. Our recommendation is to create and use a vanity email address that yourself and your colleagues can access, e.g.
    • If the balance left in your Tango Card account is not enough to cover your most expensive reward, you will see a notice on your dashboard that you have run low on funds, and the rewards in question will be flagged with a message that says Insufficient funds. To make this alert go away, you will need to add enough funds to your balance to cover the cost of the reward.

    • If the balance left in your Tango Card account is not enough to cover some rewards, the advocates will see those rewards flagged with an Out of Stock message and they won't be able to redeem those rewards.
    • Be careful when you try to click the Enable Tango Card Reward Redemptions dropdown menu. Do not click the ON/OFF toggle. If you turn off your integration after it was enabled, all your Tango Card rewards will automatically become unpublished to prevent advocates from running into errors. Turning your integration back on again will NOT automatically re-publish the rewards, and you will need to do this manually.
    • After your funds have been deposited in your account, you'll need to click the Retry Failed Redemptions to push through any redemptions that did not go through due to lack of funds on the card at the time.

    Contacting Tango Card Support

    Please contact Tango Card at in the following scenarios:

    • Change of email address for the Tango Card account.
    • Re-sending a reward redemption code to an advocate.
    • Understanding why an advocate's reward redemption may have failed.
    • If you would like to expedite the Credit Card registration process

    Please contact Tango Card at in the following scenarios:

    • Request for transaction history and receipts for Tango Card top up fund.
    • If you have forgotten which credit card is on file.
    • If you have problems changing the credit card that is on file.

    When contacting Tango Card, please notify them that you are an Influitive customer, and quote your Identifier information which you can find directly above the funding panel.

    For other inquiry regarding Tango Card, you can contact them directly using this Contact Tango Card article as guidance.

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