Configuring Jive Single Sign On

If you have a Jive community, you can give your advocates the options of signing up / in with the credentials they use on the Jive platform. 

Note: This feature may not be included in your plan. To find out, ask your Advocacy Coach.

What will it look like?

Once an advocate / potential arrives on your Hub's sign in page, they will be presented with a prominent option to sign in using Jive. If they don't have a Jive account or prefer to sign up / in using one of the other options (username/password, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), they will be allowed to.

Configuring the Jive integration

In the Integration Library select Jive from your available Integrations by clicking on 'Manage'. In order to use Jive, first enable the integration by selecting the 'Enable Integration'.

Once it is enabled, you can then follow the steps to download and install the Jive package to your Add-Ons. If you have any difficulty installing the Jive package, please follow the instructions outlined for you here. Once the package has been installed, return to your hub and click on the Next button to continue with configuration.

Your Jive credentials should automatically populate in the Setup tab (as above). If not, refresh the page. If after refresh the credentials still have not populated, return to Jive to ensure the package was successfully installed and is visible in your Add-On list. 

Finally, turn OAuth on under the Settings tab. Advocates can now use their existing Jive accounts to log in to the hub by clicking on the Jive icon, located on your sign in page. 

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