Disabling an Advocate's Account

If an advocate requests that you delete their account, or you feel it is necessary to disable their access, you can easily disable the account in the advocate’s profile by clicking into the pencil icon.

Another way to lock an account is by clicking on the Advocates name while on the Advocates tab. This will result in a preview of the Advocates profile 'flying out' from the right side of the screen. From here, click Actions and you will see the Lock Account option.

Once the account is disabled, a flag will appear next to the advocate's name. At any time, you can re-enable the account. 

This reversible process saves all the advocates points, badges, and comments/likes in case you decide to enable their access at a later time. 

To lock accounts in bulk you can follow the instructions here: Performing Bulk Actions On Advocates

While an advocate account is Disabled/ Locked they:

  • Will not be able to log in and will receive a message stating their account is disabled.
  • Will not receive any email communication from the hub - including challenge notifications or challenge digests.
  • Will be removed from all leaderboards

Note that disabling an advocate account only prevents the advocate from entering the Hub and participating in any of the activities.  You can still enable the advocate account so they can obtain their access again. If you want their access permanently removed, read below. 

Deleting an Advocate Account 

To delete an account from the Hub, please see this article - Deleting Contacts.

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