Rewards FAQs

What does out of stock mean?

If your advocates have encountered this error it means that the supply of this reward has been depleted. When your advocates redeem an out of stock reward points will still be deducted from your total, but your advocates will not receive your reward right away. When the stock is replenished by the community administrator, the reward will be delivered.

You can send a message to your advocates to let them know the item is out of stock. To send a message, click on the "message bubble" icon in the top right of the page.

How long will it take for the reward to be delivered?

This depends on what type of reward you have redeemed.

  • E-Gift Cards should be delivered to their email inbox within a few minutes.
  • Delivery of t-shirts, swag, and other merchandise is dependant on many factors. It is best to contact your advocates to give details about the delivery schedule of these types of rewards or place it in the description of the reward.

Points deducted but the reward was not delivered. Why?

If your advocates redeemed an  E-Gift Card reward, but did not receive the gift card, it may be out of stock. Did they see an "out of stock" message? If so, please refer to the "What does out of stock mean" section.

If you did not receive the "out of stock" message, your gift card may have been caught in their spam filter. Please have them check their spam folder or contact their organization's IT administrators to see if the email was caught in a spam filter. 

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