Marketo: Sync AdvocateHub Groups to Marketo Lists

The Marketo Group Sync allows you to sync an AdvocateHub group to a List in Marketo.

Some things to note:

  • The sync only works in one direction - from AdvocateHub to Marketo
  • It will only add advocates to a list in Marketo - not remove them
  • The sync will create a new lead in Marketo if they do not already exist in Marketo
  • The following fields will be synced:
    • Email
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
  • The Marketo group sync will not overwrite fields for an existing lead

Prerequisites: You must be logged into your AdvocateHub / Marketo integration. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to Integrations > Marketing > Marketo V2 > Manage 

2. Click on Enable Integration

3. Enter your Marketo credentials and authorize Marketo from here.

Syncing Hub Groups to Marketo Lists

IMPORTANT NOTE: The AdvocateHub Marketo integration can not sync to Smart Campaigns.

To access the Marketo Group Sync configuration area in your Hub, go to  Integrations > Marketing > Marketo V2 > Manage and click on the "Sync Group to List" area. Follow the steps below to map your Group to your Marketo Lists:

1. Click the  Sync Group to List integration point.

2. Click Add Mapping to add a Group to sync to a List.

3. Under the Influitive Group heading, choose the AdvocateHub group which will sync to the Marketo list.

4. Under the Marketo V2 List heading, choose the static Marketo list which will receive the advocates. You can type to search for the Marketo List:

5. Click Save.

You will know that you have done this correctly if the Save button turns Green and changes to Saved, and the Group Sync is toggled On.

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