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This article will cover how to set up the two parts of our Google Analytics Integration. This integration can allow you to do two things. Part 1 allows you to automatically add UTM parameters to any Social media challenges your advocates share on Social media. Part 2 allows you to view Google Analytics information for advocate activity inside of your AdvocateHub.

Enabling the Google Analytics Integration

1. Go to  Integrations (found under the cog wheel beside your profile picture in Admin view).
2. Find the Google Analytics integration and click  Manage.

3. Next, click on  Enable Integration.

4. This will open up the two main parts of the integration:

Setting up the Google Analytics Integration

Part 1: Measure Traffic From Shared Links in Google Analytics

This part of the integration allows you to track all shared social media posts shared from your hub. Once you add UTM parameters as explained below, whenever you create a Share a Link challenge, the link your advocates share (on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) will have the UTM parameters attached to it ( this Google URL Builder Guide):

UTM Source 

Use UTM Source to identify a search engine, newsletter name, or other source.

UTM Campaign

Used for keyword analysis. Use UTM Campaign to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.


UTM Medium

Use UTM Medium to identify a medium such as email, banner, etc.

Example: utm_term=running+shoes

UTM Content

Used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. Use UTM Content to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL.
Examplesutm_content=logolink <i>or</i> utm_content=textlink

UTM Term

Used for paid search. Use UTM Term to note the keywords for this ad.

With any of those parameters, you can have them automatically populate based on any of the following criteria from the hub (chosen in the dropdown for each UTM parameter):

Challenge - Internal Name (will populate the name of the challenge the content was shared from)

Challenge - ID (will populate the ID of the challenge the content was shared from)

Challenge - Type (will populate the Challenge Type the content was shared from)

Challenge - Stage Name (will populate the specific name of the stage in the challenge the content was shared from)

Challenge - Advocate ID (will populate the sharing advocate's ID)

Community Name (will populate your Advocate Program's name)

You can also create your own custom values that will be hard-coded to the parameters you add them to. Just select the " Use a Custom Value" and type in the value.

For example, we can set UTM Source to a custom value of AdvocateHub:

When you've chosen which parameters you want to use, and given them values, just click  Save below. 

Full Example

All we need to do is set the following parameter values, and everything else is done as usual:

1. We'll start by creating a challenge using a Share a Link stage. (The link we'll share in our challenge will be

Please note that UTM tracking only works with the Social Share stage. It will not support Referral Social Share stage.

2. Next, an advocate completes the challenge and shares the content on any of their social media networks:

3.  The post will link to, but it will also now have all the UTM parameters attached to it:

Part 2: Add a Google Analytics Tracking Code to Hub Pages

This part of the integration allows you to track all the traffic in your AdvocateHub itself. Once you get this set up in the hub, you'll be able to view all typical Google Analytics data about a website, like visitor information, behaviour, etc. Once you complete the 2 steps below, a Google tracking code will be added dynamically to every page of your hub.

1. To start, you'll probably want to create a new Account and new Property in Google Analytics, and once you've done that, copy its Tracking ID:

2. Back in the hub, click on the 'Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Measure Traffic Within Your Hub" section of the integration and paste the Tracking ID you copied above, and  Save.

3. That's it! In Google Analytics, you'll now be able to go to view and report on activity inside of your AdvocateHub. (Keep in mind, it will typically take 24 hours for Google Analytics to start displaying data from a site once it has been set up with a tracking ID).

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