Logging Activities for Advocates

What if your advocate completes an activity outside of the hub that you want to track and reward them for? Influitive gives you the ability to quickly add these activities in their profile so that the advocate is aware they have been recognized for their efforts.

Let's walk through the steps.

Head over to the Members Tab > Advocates page, and click on the advocate you want to log something for.

On the advocate's profile page, select "Log Activity" from the menu bar.

You will then have the option set the activity name, date, advocacy type, points, and any notes.

After filling this out and clicking on "Log Activity" you will see the activity on the advocates feed. 

When the advocate logs in next, they will be notified of the change in their notifications. Their points will automatically be adjusted if you have given them points for the activity. If you left a note for them, they will also be able to read this from their profile.

Additionally, you can also filter the event feed by selecting "Manually Logged Activity"

To log activities in bulk, feel free to see this Influitip video - Bulk Action - Manually created activities

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