Adjusting Points

Did your advocates just do something awesome that you want to award them extra points for? 

This may be for completing an activity outside of your Influitive hub; such as speaking at an event or attending a webinar. You can also remove points if an Advocate was awarded points accidentally.

To award or remove extra points, go to the Advocates Page, select the advocate that you would like to adjust points to and a slider will pop-out > Click Actions > Click Adjust Points in the drop down menu.

You can also do this from the advocate's profile. To do this, you will need to click on See full profile in the pop-out slider. Then once you're in the edit page, click on the Pencil and then hit Adjust Points

Here you can add or remove extra points. By default, "Adjust Lifetime Points" is selected. This will always affect the advocate's "Lifetime Points"and their position on the leaderboard.

If you want to take away an advocate's "Current Points" (i.e. points available to redeem rewards) make sure "Adjust Lifetime Points" is not checked and add the minus sign (-) in front of the points that you would like to take away (e.g. -1000). If you remove points using this method, it will not affect the advocate's "Lifetime Points" or position on the leaderboard.

Click Adjust Points and you will see your changes on the Advocates profile automatically.

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