Messaging (Legacy)

How do advocates and admins message each other?

As an admin, clicking on the envelope icon in Admin View will bring you to the messaging interface.

As a member the messaging interface is found by clicking the envelope icon in Member View (see below).

In this view (see below), members can message the Hub administrator directly by clicking the ' Message Administrator' button or search for other members in the "Search" box. The method is the same for admins contacting members.

When you search for others, the search pane is divided into 3 categories.

Category Description
1-on-1 Messages This is a list of 1-on-1 conversations you have with advocates.
Group Messages
Any conversations involving more than two individuals can be found here. *See note below
Contacts This is a list of all other members that you can message in the Hub.

Note: Group messaging is only available at the moment when there are more than one administrators and one member in the conversation. There is currently no function for multiple members to form a group and message each other there.

The right-side pane shows which administrators and members are part of the conversation. Clicking the ellipses next to the name allows you to  send them a direct message.

Unread messages can be found under the Unread tab. It's currently not possible to delete a message or chat.

Formatting Enter button to send messages

Both members and administrators now have the option to decide whether hitting the Enter button on your keyboard sends a message or simply creates a new line!

Formatting Messages with Markdown

To add a bit of flavour or to clean up the presentation of your messages, you can use markdown formatting to add images, style text, and embed links. The following markdown applies to messages sent between members and administrators:

  • Bold Text: **PUT BOLD TEXT HERE**
  • Italic Text: *PUT ITALIC TEXT HERE*
  • Links: [link text here](
  • Images: ![Image Title](

Please Note: It is not possible to use markdown to create lists or headlines in messages. Merge fields do not work when sending a message from the messaging inbox. You can, however, use Batch Messaging to format messages with both merge fields and markdown syntax

How do members find each other?

While members can search for a name  if they know it, there is no list or directory of other members. There are a couple of areas through which members may discover each other. This is explored below.

Please note that you would need to have the Advocate Community enabled in order to allow Members to message and view each other's profiles. To enable this, go to your Admin settings > Advocate Program > Advocate Community > Toggle to On > Save.

Members can message each other in a couple different ways. First, they can select a name from the leaderboard. When a name is clicked on, information about that member pops up, along with a button that says Send Message.

The other way for advocates to message each other is to click on a fellow advocate's profile image or name in a challenge. Advocate profile images appear at the top of a challenge under the People who've done this challenge line as well as on responses or comments left on public response challenges.

Lastly, advocates can search in messaging for a person if they have had a previous chat with them. Please note that advocates can't search the users with whom they haven't started a chat yet. 


Advocate to advocate messages are private so it's not possible for admins to check the advocate to advocate interaction. If you want to know who is sending messages and how often, you can get that in Looker. They're Engagements with the type message_sent

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