Advocate to Advocate Messaging

Advocate to Advocate Communication 

Advocates have the ability to chat with one another using Advocate to Advocate messaging. Similar to the way admins communicate with advocates, this feature utilizes the chat icon in the top right hand corner to access the conversations. 

In Admin View:

The Advocate View:

The Messaging Interface

All contacts and current conversations can be accessed from the chat interface.  The text search is a directory of your advocates. Users can search for other users by their name or company.

Advocates can also message the Hub administrator directly by clicking the 'Message Administrator' button.

When you search for others, the search pane is divided into 3 categories.

Category Description
1-on-1 Messages This is a list of 1-on-1 conversations you have with advocates.
Group Messages
Any conversations involving more than two individuals can be found here.
Contacts This is a list of all other advocates that you can message in the Hub.

The right-side pane shows which administrators and advocates are part of the conversation. A dropdown allows you to view their profiles or send them a direct message.

How do advocates message each other?

Advocates can message each other in a couple different ways. First, they can select a name from the leaderboard. When a name is clicked on, information about that advocate pops up, along with a button that says Send Message.

The other way for advocates to message each other is to click on a fellow advocate's profile image or name in a challenge. Advocate profile images appear at the top of a challenge under the People who've done this challenge line as well as on responses or comments left on public response challenges.

Lastly, advocates can search for the user that they wanted to chat with in the Messaging page's search bar and click on their name to start a message thread.

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