Locking and Redirecting Discussion Topics

When you have a lot of advocates engaging with you in the Discussions section of the AdvocateHub, you might find a few of them starting Topics that are very similar to each other. These posts can start to be repetitive, so to clean things up you can essentially close old Topics and redirect them to new ones by following these simple steps.

1. Log into your Hub using your Administrator account and click on Switch to Advocate View to go to the Topic you wish to redirect elsewhere. 
2. Click on the gear icon below the post and select Lock This Topic from the drop-down menu. 

3. Check the box titled Locked. This will prevent advocates from adding any more replies or comments to the Topic in question. 
4. You can select the new Related Topic from the list, or search for the title of it in the text box. This will be the new Topic that the old page will start referring to. Note that locked topics can only be related to another topic in the same forum. 
5. Once the old Topic has been locked and the Related Topic has been chosen, click Save.

6. When the page refreshes, you will find a symbol of a lock next to the title, and the comment box below the old Topic will be closed. Instead, a link to the Related Topic will be shown below the post and you're done!

7. If you navigate to the Related Topic page itself, it will also have a link back to the original post that was locked and closed. Your advocates can add their replies and comments to the Related Topic page. This is what your final Topic page will look like:

Things to remember

  • Although you have to switch to Advocate View to follow the steps outlined here, your advocates will not have the user permissions to do the same.
  • Locked Topics can only be linked to another Topic in the same forum.
  • Your locked Topic will remain visible in the Discussions section, and any comments that were added before the Topic was locked will also remain visible.
  • You can close several Topics and have them link to the same Related Topic.

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