Private Leaderboards

You can configure your Influitive Hub leaderboards so that advocates in specific groups only see other advocates in the same group. This is particularly helpful when you want to segment your advocates, such as keeping your employee advocates separate from your customer advocates.

To configure your leaderboards, click on the Gear Icon > Settings from the admin view of your hub. Then you will find Private Leaderboards under Scoring & Achievement. In the section labeled "Groups with Private Leaderboards" type the names of any groups (a list will appear when you click on the field). You can have as many leaderboards as you would like, however, see the leaderboard rules below to understand how advocates see the board. 

There are some basic rules when it comes to having private leaderboards. 

  • Any member of a group who has a private leaderboard will not be shown on the public leaderboard.
  • Any member of a group with a private leaderboard will only see the standings of other members of that same group
  • If an advocate is a member of multiple groups with private leaderboards, the user will see the standings of the combined members of all those groups.
  • An advocate who is not a member of any group with a private leaderboard will see the public leaderboard, which includes the standings of all other advocates who are not in any groups with private leaderboards. 
  • Administrators cannot view private leaderboards, only the public leaderboard will be displayed.
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