How Referrals Are Managed in Trackable Referral Challenges

With Trackable Referral challenges, referral leads that go through the "positive path" will be fully automated and advocates will be advanced along the way as the lead and opportunity status changes in Salesforce. For leads that went through the "negative path", you will have full control with how you would like to handle the communication with the advocate.

What Is The Positive Path?

A prospect is said to have gone through the positive path if it has been accepted as a lead in Salesforce and eventually converted into a customer. 

Advocates will be notified almost real-time when the Salesforce status changes and follows the flow as depicted below. As an administrator, there will be no action required, though you do have the option to send a custom thank-you note or message to your advocates if you wish to.

What About The "Negative Paths"?

A prospect is said to have gone through the negative path if any of these 2 scenario happen:

1. Prospect has been accepted as a lead in Salesforce but did not convert into a customer in the end.

2. Prospect was not accepted as a lead in Salesforce.

In both cases, you would be notified about the status change in Salesforce and be prompted to reject the submission, similar to how you would reject any other challenge submissions. 

Although optional, it is recommended that the advocate be provided with a follow-up message on the reason of the lead rejection, so as to forge a complete loop of communication between you, the administrator, and the advocate.

If you have leads that don't follow either of these paths, check out our option to advance advocates manually through the stages. 

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