How to Enable Discussions within an Experience

If your advocates receive the " You must have discussions enabled to do that!" error

or if they see the loading icon in the Discussions Tab when trying to complete a Reply in a Discussions Topic challenge stage, it's possible that the error is caused by not linking the Discussions within the Experience but linking to the existing General Discussions in the Hub instead. This article will help you turn on the Discussions platform within a specific Experience and stop the error message.

There are a couple of things to note before we begin:

  • Experience Discussions are different from the General Discussions.
  • Only users who have access to the Experience can access the Experience Discussions.

  • To enable Experience Discussions, please do the following steps:

    1. Go to the Experience Tab. Choose the Experience you would like the Discussions to be in and click Edit.

    2. Under the 1. Experience Details, click on the switch to enable the Experience Discussion.3. Don’t forget to write a description of the discussions.

    After you've turned this on, the Reply to a Discussion Challenge that is within an Experience can now access the Discussions link outside of the Experience in the main Hub.

    How do I access the Discussions Tab within the Experience after I have turned it on?

    1. In your Hub, switch to Advocate View.
    2. Enter the Experience card.
    3. Go to the Discussions Tab from the menu bar.
    4. Note that it is similar to the General Discussions outside of the Experience, but they are two different Discussions tabs.
    Learn more on how to set up your Discussions Targeting Rules in AdvocateHub Discussions.

    Lastly, you will need to create the Discussions Topics within the Experience, and link the topics to the appropriate Reply to Discussions stage challenge within the Experience. Your advocates will then be able to access the link to the Discussions within the Experience.

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