Changing the Name of Your AdvocateHub

Creating an awesome name for your AdvocateHub is part of the fun when you’re first getting started. You want to choose a name that reflects the feeling and general atmosphere of your AdvocateHub. Will it be fun and quirky, or more professional? 

Here are some examples of names our customers have come up with for their AdvocateHub communities: 

Stars, Advocates, Insiders, Rockstars, Champions, Challengers, Ambassadors, Superstars, Heroes, Torchbearers, Pioneers, Titans, Royals, Victors, Champs, Masters, Aces, Captains, Troops, A-Team, Crew, Elite, Revolution, Exclusive, VIP, Union, Nobility, (Gold) Club, Society, Advantage, Supremacy, Dominion, Inner Circle, Royalty, Squad, Force, Squadron, Legion, Select, Reign, Thunder, Alliance, League, Winners’s Circle, Prime, Dominance
Usually, the name of the hub includes the company name and a title like the ones above. For example, Allocadia A-Team, Influitive VIP

To change the name of your AdvocateHub, you must first be in Admin View. Then, click on the gear icon on the top right side of the toolbar and select Settings > Advocate Program > Program Name.

Enter your company name and what you would like to have as your Advocate Community name. You can always change this later if necessary. The name you enter in the Company name box will be displayed as the title of your AdvocateHub in internet browsers.

As you name your AdvocateHub and start to create a personality around your program, keep in mind other areas where you can continue this character throughout - for example, with fun badges and levels.

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