Challenge Stage: Create a Quiz

Create a quiz for your advocates and automatically award points for all correct responses with zero administrative follow-up!

What it looks like to advocates:

How it works

Use this stage to create a quiz for your advocates. You can use this for educational purposes or simply a fun way to engage with them.

To set up this stage:

  • Create as many questions as you would like for the quiz
  • For each question, you can configure multiple wrong answers and 1 correct answer, as well as points for every question.
  • The options will be displayed as a radio button selection to advocates (see screenshot above).
  • For every correct response, advocates will automatically be awarded points. There is no verification required on your end.
  • For every wrong response, advocates will not be awarded points and the correct response will be shown.

Some caveats to watch out for
  • Every challenge can only use the Quiz stage once.
  • Advocates can only answer each questions once. This prevents anyone from taking advantage of earning points after learning the answers.

Quiz Response Targeting

You can target challenges, rewards, groups, etc., in the system based on answers to a Quiz stage question.

Quiz Answer options are included in the Responses filter in targeting. For more information on targeting, check our article on Targeting Challenges.

For other tips and best practices, check out the AdvocateHub Class on Quiz stage here.

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