Salesforce Dashboards: Reviews from Advocates

The Reports tab is a great resource to view the performance of your Advocate Hub, but if you'd like to calculate the ROI of your Advocate Hub, you'll need to create some Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce. To view this information, you'll need to have our AppExchange Package installed ( if you haven't done this yet, see our installation guide). 

Reviews from Advocates

This particular dashboard will show you the current number of reviews written by advocates, based on completed challenges relating to reviews.

To create this dashboard, you'll first need to create a new report with the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the  Reports tab, add a new report, and choose Contacts with AdvocacyActivitiesas the Report Type.

Step 2. To make it a little easier to work with, switch the "Show" filter to  All Accounts.

Step 4. Now we'll need to filter for  Completed Reviews. This step might have a couple of different variations, depending on how you've decided to create Review Challenges in your AdvocateHub.

Option 1: Filter by a "Reviews" Challenge Type

If you have a "Reviews" challenge type that you only use for actually getting reviews, you can use the following filter:

a. Beside "Filters", click on  Add.

b. Search for  Challenge in the left most drop-down and select Challenge Type.

c. In the text-box on the right, type in the name of your " Reviews" challenge type.

d. Click  OK.

Option 2: Filter by specific challenge Headlines

If you use a "Reviews" Challenge type for things besides reviews, you can use the following filter:

You'll have to copy the  Headlines of review challenges in the hub.

Then, back in Salesforce:

a. Beside "Filters", click on  Add.

b. Search for  Activity Name in the left most drop-down and select AdvocacyActivity: Activity Name

c. In the text-box on the right,  paste the headlines of your review challenges (separate with commas).

d. Click  OK.

*Optional Step*: If you'd like a report on the reviews for the year, quarter, can use the  Date Field filter, and select the  AdvocacyActivity: Last Activity Date option:
You can then select any Range that you're looking for: e.g. Current FY,  Current FQ, etc.
Step 5. Click on  Remove All Columns:

Step 6. Switch to a  Summary Format.

Step 7. Using the Quick Find on the left, find and drag the following fields as columns to the report. 

You can search for the terms in  bold and find them under the underlined folder names:

  • "First Name"  under "Contact: General" folder
  • "Last Name" under "Contact: General" folder
  • Step 8. Using the  Quick Find, find and drag the following field as a  Grouping:
    • "Activity Name" under "AdvocacyActivity: Info folder

    Step 9.  Save the report and you'll now be able to add it onto a Dashboard as a chart.

    Step 10. Go back to the  Reports tab, and either click to create a New Dashboard, or open an existing Dashboard.

    Step 11. Drag the following  Pie Chart icon into one of the empty spaces on the right.

    Step 12. Click on the  Data Sources tab, and using the "Quick Find", search for the name of the report you saved in Step 9. Drag the report into the funnel.

    Optional Step: Customize the donut chart to display a Total.

    Click on the  wrench icon, switch to the Formatting tab and select "Show Total"

    Step 13. Give a title to the funnel - e.g. "Advocate Reviews",  Save the Dashboard, and you're all set!

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