Salesforce Dashboards: Dollar Value of Advocate Influenced Opportunities

The Reports tab is a great resource to view the performance of your Advocate Hub, but if you'd like to calculate the ROI of your Advocate Hub, you'll need to create some Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce. To view this information, you'll need to have our AppExchange Package installed ( if you haven't done this yet, see our installation guide). 

Opportunities Influenced by Referenced Advocates  

This particular dashboard will show you the current dollar value of opportunities that were influenced via completed "Request a Reference" challenges.

It will only apply to you if your salespeople have been using the " Request a Reference" button on your Opportunities:

To create this dashboard, you'll first need to create a new report with the following steps:

Step 1. Create a new Report using  Contacts with AdvocacyActivities and Opportunity as the Report Type.

Go to the  Reports tab, add a new report, and choose Contacts with AdvocacyActivities and Opportunity as the Report Type.

Step 2. To make it a little easier to work with, switch the "Show" filter to  All Accounts.

Step 3. Likewise, switch the "Date filter" Range to  All Time.

Step 4. Next, click on  Remove all Columns.Step 5. Using the Quick Find on the left, find and drag the following fields as columns to the report.

You can search for the terms in bold and find them under the underlined folder names:

  • Under "Opportunity: Account" folder = Opportunity: Account Name
  • Under "Opportunity: General" folder = Opportunity: Amount - (*Note: You may need to use a different field in your Salesforce instance. This needs to be the field where your organization tracks the dollar value of opportunities. For example, in Influitive, we use "Opportunity: Subscription MRR")
  • Under "AdvocacyActivity: Info" folder = Prospect
  • Under AdvocacyActivity: Info folder = Activity Name
  • Under Contact: General = First Name 
  • Under Contact: General = Last Name
  • Under Account: General = Account Name
Step 6. Add a filter for  Opportunity Stage, and set it to equal to the stage that your organization considers a "Closed Won Deal/Sale". 
a. Beside "Filters", click on  Add.
b. Select  Opportunity: Stage from the new filter dropdown below.
c. Leave the Criteria as " Equals
d. You can use the "Search" icon to find the Opportunity Stage that signifies an opportunity was won, and then Insert that value.
e. Click  OK.
Note: If you're not sure about which field you use, you can ask your Salesforce administrator/ someone in Sales Operations about it. 

Step 7. Add a filter for Status (under "AdvocacyActivity: Info"), and set it to equal "Completed".

a. Beside "Filters", click on Add.

b. Select  Status from the new filter dropdown below.

c. Leave the Criteria as " Equals

d. Type in " Completed"

e. Click  OK.

Step 8. Create a field group on the  Opportunity: Account Name. 

In the table of data, click on the Arrow beside  Opportunity: Account Name. Select Group by this field

Step 9. Summarize by the "Amount" field you used in step 5. 

Click on the arrow next the "Amount field" you've added to the report, and select  Summarize this Field. 

Step 10. Tick off the  Sum box, and click Apply. 

Step 11. That's it, the report is ready to get added to a Dashboard, so just  Save and name it - e.g. "$ Value of Advocate Influenced Opportunities"

Step 12. Go back to the  Reports tab, and either select an existing dashboard, or create a New Dashboard.

Step 13. Select the Meter Gauge component. 

Drag the following  Meter icon into one of the columns on the right.

Step 14. Select the report you created as the Data Source for the report.

Switch to the  Data Sources, and use the Quick Find to search for the name of the report you saved above. Drag the report name into the new same Meter you just added.

Step 15. Add breakpoints to the meter and display a Total at the bottom if you'd like.

Click on the wrench icon, switch to the  Formatting tab and configure the following options based on the numbers and goals in your hub:

Step 16. Add a title to the - e.g. " $ Value of Advocate Influenced Opportunities", Save the Dashboard, and you're all set!

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