Creating Reference Challenges via The API


The Influitive API allows you to integrate your external reference management systems with your AdvocateHub, where you can generate a reference challenge upon a reference request from the sales and marketing team.

You may wish to create a unique reference challenge with different stages to reflect your reference workflow — such as a peer call, scheduling a call, or a reference call feedback. The Influitive API allows you to create templates specific to the reference integration using the Challenge Template Library and adding an API Template Code. 

Creating a New Challenge Template

In order to configure your hub to be able to create these references challenges through the Influitive API, you'll first need to create unique challenge templates for your reference activities. Follow the instructions in  Creating New Challenge Templates in order to create your new template. When creating a new challenge template, you'll notice a new field - "API Template Code". This is where you can create a code that can be referenced later using the API. 

Please note, the API Template Code field is optional.

After you save your template, you'll be able to see it in your challenge template library under the "My Templates" Tab.

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