Exporting all Advocate activity (i.e. the Dashboard Feed)

The Activity Feed Export Data function allows you to export all or some Advocate activity data for a specific date range. 

On the Home page of Admin View, scroll down past the Program Goals and click on the Export Data button at the top of the Activity Feed section.

You will then be prompted to specify a date range and to choose betwen exporting "All Items" or "Specific Items." If you only want to export challenge completions, for example, choose "Specific Items" and add "Completed Challenge" to the field.

This information is easily exportable into a .csv file with the following information:

Event ID, Event Date, Event Type, Related Object (i.e. the relevant challenge, stage, reward, etc), Contact ID, Email, Name. Company, Contact Type, Salesforce ID, Points

Here is an example of what the exported .csv file looks like.

If you do not receive the report at the expected email address, check the Administrators settings in the AdvocateHub to confirm the proper email address is set up. 

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