Why You Should Integrate AdvocateHub with Salesforce.com

Connecting Influitive to Salesforce.com (SFDC) can take your advocate marketing program to another level. This post will break down the different areas that are part of this integration and provide a brief overview. Detailed information will be provided in other articles.

Improve Your Targeting, Improve Your Results

The integration with SFDC will enrich your advocate data in your AdvocateHub with SFDC data. This additional data can be used to segment your advocates and better target which advocates should receive certain challenges as well as automatically adding to Groups.

Get Your Sales and Customer Teams to Nominate New Advocates

Connecting SFDC and Influitive will allow any SFDC user the ability to recommend potential advocates (called "nominees") that should be added to your AdvocateHub. This is typically done by  adding a nominate button to your SFDC contact record. You can decide if you want to automatically send out an invite to these newly added nominees or review these contacts first and send a more personalized invitation.

Help! I Need a Reference!

Have you had a sales rep come to you needing a last minute reference? Of course you have! SFDC users can easily request that a reference challenge be created in your Advocate Hub. On the SFDC Opportunity record a "Request a Reference" button can be added that will allow the SFDC user to simply notify your Advocate Hub administrator that a certain type of reference is needed or allow the Salesforce.com user to create the challenge themselves. Reps can customize the requirements for their reference and narrow it down to a reference that meets their specific needs. For more information, check out  How to use Salesforce integration to match references to your advocates.
The following is a screenshot of the Request a Reference feature in SFDC:

We Need More Leads! Use Your Advocates to Generate Referrals

Your sales team always wants qualified leads. One of the great benefits of the AdvocateHub is that it easily allows you to put your advocates to work to generate referrals for your sales team. The AdvocateHub expedites the process by seamlessly passing these leads to SFDC and updates the SFDC lead source to "Influitive" so you get the credit!
You start off by configuring the referral challenge.  As your advocates provide referrals they will be added as Leads in Salesforce. 

What Are Our Advocates up to?

You're about to call into a customer and you know that they are an advocate. You want to recognize them for what they've done. When an advocate completes a challenge activity, redeemed a reward, made a referral or performed other activities, you can display these activities on the SFDC Contact Record. This will give your front line customer teams like Account Managers the visibility they need to properly recognize advocates during their regular meetings or especially contract discussions. 

An SFDC contact record is also updated with the date they were added to your AdvocateHub as well as the day they actually joined. This data can be used for other purposes such as passing it to your marketing automation system for segmentation purposes to identify advocates.

I Want to Show Off What Our Advocates Have Done - Give me Some Reports!

Once you install the Influitive Appexchange package, we have provided you with some out of the box reports that you can customize. Here is an example: 

For information on customizing the Influitive Dashboard, see:  How to Adjust the Influitive Dashboard in Salesforce.com
So if you have Salesforce.com, don't wait to take advantage of these great features. To get started, be sure to review the AppExchange Package for AdvocateHub Installation Guide

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