Referrals 2.0: Using E-commerce/B2C Referrals

What is this useful for?

If you want to award advocates for referring people to take action on an external site.  

For instance, say you run an online store called SmartHome Widgets. You want your advocates to refer their friends to purchase your new laser air purifier on the online store, and in return the referrer get 500 points for each purchase made.  You would use this feature.

How do I set this up?

Part 1 - Enable the Influitive API

1.1  Open this support article on Enabling our Influitive API page.

1.2  Follow the steps in the above article.  Record the X_ORG_ID and authentication token you receive, as you will need to give that to your e-commerce partner later in the setup steps.

Part 2 - Enable Referrals 2.0, "External URL for Sharing" feature

2.1  You must first have Referrals 2.0 Enabled to have access to this feature. Speak to your coach to see whether you are eligible for Referrals 2.0

2.2  Next create a referral campaign for your specific referral promotion. For example see SmartHome Widgets' Air Purifier Campaign.  

2.3  Under Referrals -> Manage Campaigns -> Edit -> Branding check the box that says "Use an external URL for sharing"  Input the link you want people who access a shared link to be directed to.  For the above Air Purifier Campaign, we directed advocates to go to our Air Purifier Page - this link:

Influitive will then send that user to

Part 3 - Set up your E-commerce Provider to update Influitive when a purchase is based

Now you need to configure your external page or e-commerce store so that when relevant purchases are made for which you want to generate a referral, an API call is sent to Influitive similar to this one.   

3.1 These instructions will vary by E-commerce provider and you will need to contact a developer on your e-commerce team to do this.

3.2  Send the developer these instructions in this support article so  they get familiar with using our API.  

3.3  Provide the developer with the X_ORG_ID and Authorization Token you received in part 1 above. They will need this to make API calls to Influitive.

What is the advocate experience?

1. The admin will need to have have checked "Use an external URL for sharing, and specify th URL ofr your store.

2. Log into the hub as an advocate and  either click on the referrals tab or visit the URL of the referral campaign you'd like to share a link for.  

3. Scroll down to the section where you can "Refer by sharing". This section contains a unique link that each advocate has that will generate points for them, or can be posted on social media:

3. Lets suppose you click the Twitter icon, and are then taken to this page to post:

4. Lets now suppose your friend Joe notices your shared unique link and wants to learn more.  Joe clicks through the link and will be directed to your referral campaign.

5.  Joe is now directed to your e-commerce site: 

6. Lets suppose Joe chooses to add a product to his shopping cart

7. Joe purchases

8) The purchase will now be recorded automatically in the admin referral dashboard, with the referrer listed as Imran. 

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