HubSpot Integration: Setup and Lead Push

This article will cover how to install the HubSpot integration, and how to map fields in your referral challenges and referral campaigns to HubSpot fields. We will cover mapping  existing fields in this article. If you'd like to create new custom fields for referral challenges first, head to this article.

Installing the HubSpot Integration

1. Go to  Admin > Integrations

2. Find the HubSpot integration and click  Manage

3. Click  Enable Integration

4. You will then be presented with  Setup Instructions which will detail the next steps.

5. Enter your  HubSpot Hub ID, and click Save

You will now be taken to the  Hubspot Authentication pages.

6. First, enter your  HubSpot Email Address and Password. Then click Log In.

7. Click Authenticate

Hubspot is now integrated into your Hub!


If you are using an Influitive referral challenge, expand the Push leads to Hubspot and map Prospect Fields to Hubspot fields. 

You will know that you have done this correctly if, as you see in the image below that Save button will turn Green and change to Saved, and the Lead Push is toggled On.

See below for information on mapping your referral challenge fields to HubSpot fields.

Mapping Referral Challenge/Campaign Fields to HubSpot Fields

You can add fields to map to Hubspot in the Push leads to Hubspot section. You will see the Influitive fields listed on the right and the corresponding Hubspot fields on the left (seen below).

Here is some more info on the two lists you see;

Influitive Field - This is the information from AdvocateHub which will be sent to HubSpot when a prospect is referred. You can send information about the Advocate, the Prospect, as well as details about the referral Challenge (basic referrals only)

HubSpot Field - Information from AdvocateHub will be passed into HubSpotfields specified on the right column. The field names are automatically pulled from HubSpot if you are logged into the HubSpot integration in AdvocateHub.

To add a new mapping, click on the Add Mapping link at the bottom of the pop-up. If you created a Custom Prospect Field, it will appear in the Prospect section of the dropdown menu.

This is very important: Once you have finished configuring your mappings, always remember to click Save!


The Logs section of the integration displays the details and status (Success or Failure) of Referrals pushed to Hubspot.
There are 3 important columns of information with each logged lead :

a. The time and date the lead was submitted.

b. The status of the lead - e.g. "Success" or "Failure" in reaching Salesforce.

c. A button to view all the data about the Referral lead that was pushed to Salesforce, as well as the specific error message in the case of a failure.

This is what the result details open up to in the case of a "Failure":

Important Notes

If you see a "Failure" in the logs:

  1. You may need to fix the issue, or referrals will continue to fail to push to Salesforce. Please contact our support team for any help with this. 
  2. Once the issue is resolved, our support team can also manually re-send that lead through to Salesforce so please ask us to do so.

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