Pushing Referral Leads to an Eloqua Form

This feature is only available when using Referral Challenges (Referrals 1.0). If you use Referrals 2.0, then you  must follow the guidelines here for pushing leads to Eloqua. At this time, it is not possible to push leads to an Eloqua form using Referrals 2.0.

The integration with Eloqua is fairly straightforward as it is limited to passing leads to an Eloqua form. There is no tracking of referral leads in Eloqua like would take place if you had Salesforce integration. 

To set up passing leads to Eloqua, you will have to go to do the following. You'll need assistance from your Eloqua admin as well.

1. Go to  Settings > Referrals > Other Lead Creation > Check "Send Referral leads to a form on my marketing automation system"

2. Your Eloqua admin will have to create a new form with HTML field names that follow the format listed in the "Sample Field Names" you find on the "Other Lead Creation" page (see below).

The field names that say contact [], are for advocate information. The field names that say  parameters [] contain information about the prospect.

If you add custom fields to your referral challenge you will have to use this format:

parameters[custom_fields][**] - replace ** with the Influitive API Name for the field from the Prospect Custom Fields page. So, if you want to pass over the Comments field, you should have the Eloqua field name be this: parameters[custom_fields][c_context]

3. After your Eloqua admin creates the form using these field names, they will have to give you the Form Submit URL and any Custom Parameters so you can insert them into the appropriate fields on the Other Lead Creation page.

4. Save Changes.

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