Match references to your advocates in Salesforce

Influitive’s automated reference functionality allows you to manage the full lifecycle of references from requests to completion, and reward the advocate that eventually takes the reference call. By integrating your AdvocateHub with, you can:

  • Allow sales people to easily request a reference in Salesforce, using different filtering criteria to specify the desired type of reference
  • Match the prospect with the ideal existing customer (advocate)
  • Once accepted by the advocate, track the progress of the reference and award your advocate points along the way

This article will take a look at the process from the reference requestor’s and advocate’s perspectives. For the Administrator experience in facilitating references, see this article.

Once the integration is set up, references can be requested directly in Salesforce by clicking the ‘Request-a-Reference’ button on the opportunity. The wizard walks the user through three steps.

Reference Requestor Experience

1. First, the prospect information is filled in.

2. Based on this data, the second step allows the requestor to recommend a potential reference/references by assigning weights to different matching criteria, such as Industry or Job Function.

If the reference requestor made suggestions on the ideal advocate(s) here, the unpublished challenge that gets created in your AdvocateHub for the Administrator to review will automatically be targeted to those people.

3. The third step involves providing any additional information on the request. Then click Submit to send it to the AdvocateHub Administrator.

Advocate Experience

In your AdvocateHub, after being reviewed by the Reference Manager (Administrator) the reference request will become visible to the matched advocate(s) in the form of a challenge. 

Should an advocate accept the challenge, they will be guided through the reference workflow, track their progress in the challenge, and receive points as the prospect moves along and hopefully becomes a customer. Throughout the process, the advocate will be able to interact with the Reference Manager, and provide feedback. 

To close the loop, the sales person that initially requested the reference will also be able to track its progress in Salesforce. This occurs in the ‘Advocate Activity’ section on the contact record of the reference.

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