Match Categories

Match Categories are the fields that provide more details on your advocates such as position, product and industry. For example, you can make challenges available to advocates that have a position of Manager. This is the location on the Advocate record that contains the data of the Match Categories - this is the Match Criteria information:

You can add additional Match Categories. Go to  Settings > System > Match Categories. Match Categories are not visible to the Advocate - only to the administrator.

Match Categories have the following features:

  • You can set the visibility of Challenges based on the the Match Criteria of an Advocate..
  • You can set the visibility of Rewards based on the the Match Criteria of an Advocate.
  • When you export advocate data, you will see the Match Criteria of an Advocate.
  • Match Categories can be updated from data in

When setting the visibility of Challenges based on multiple Match Criteria, the system will look for advocates that contain one of the identified Match Criteria AND the other identified Match Criteria.

When should I use Groups and not Match Categories?

It's recommended that Groups be used to segment major sections of advocates while Match Categories be used for more granular segmentation. For example, a Group may be used when you want your advocates to identify themselves as references but if you wanted to know which advocates are C level executives that are part of certain industries, Match Categories are better.

Another example demonstrating best segmentation practices is targeting certain social media challenges. It's recommended to ask advocates if they want to be part of a Group that uses Twitter but then using Match Criteria to identify which competitive solution they may have used in the past to narrow down the advocates that you need for a certain challenge.

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