Marketo v2 Integration: Getting Started with Lead Push

1. Setting up the Marketo Integration

2. Pushing referral leads from Advanced Referrals

3. Check out the logs

Setting up Marketo

Step 1: In Marketo: Get Credentials

You will need credentials from Marketo in order to set up an integration with Influitive.

a. Choose/create a Marketo user's login that will be used for the integration between AdvocateHub and Marketo

b. Log in to Marketo as that user, navigate to the  Admin > Integration > Web Services and copy the Marketo Endpoint and Identity from the REST API section:

c. We also need to find  Client ID and Client Secret. We can find this by following these steps in Marketo;

(i) Create a custom application by going to the Admin > Integration > LaunchPoint screen and create a new service.

(ii) You will be greeted with a pop up which you should fill in using 'custom' for the 'Service' field and click 'create', "influitive' for the 'Display Name' and 'Description' and then the email address of the administrator of your Marketo instance.

(iii) Click on 'view details' on the service you just created and you should see your Client ID and Secret.

Step 2: In The AdvocateHub: Enter the Credentials

Now that the hard part has been taken care of we need to enter the information we have gathered into our Marketo V2 integration in the AdvocateHub. We can do this by;

a. Navigating to the integration, Settings > Integrations > Marketo v2 and you should be greeted with the below screen. Hit Enable Integration.

b. Now we should be given the opportunity to enter our credentials! Fill in the 4 fields and hits save, the button should turn green if they have been entered correctly.

Now that the integration is active we can start configuring however we like!

Pushing referral leads from Advanced Referrals

If referrals are coming in from an  Advanced Referrals campaign, here's what you'll have to do to push Referral campaign leads into Marketo:

1. Enable Marketo V2 by going to Integrations > Marketing > Marketo v2 

2. Enter your credentials in the Setup tab

3. Under the Settings tab, click on Push Referral App leads to Marketo

4. Map your prospect fields to Marketo fields. Please see this article for more information on what you will need to map. Hit Save

Note that you will also need to  enable the Influitive API for Advanced Referrals.

Check out the logs

To check whether or not your leads were successfully pushed to Marketo and to troubleshoot any issues, click on the  Logs tab.

To view details about a particular lead push, click on "View result details" to expand the item.

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